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To those who feel overwhelmed.
Let us do the admin & back-office operations and you do what you were created to do.
It really is that simple.

Lorna Evans - Founder & CEO

Professional Business Manager & Water Woman

Inspired by my love for all things ocean & outdoors. Surfing, kitesurfing, swimming, beach cleans, environmental protection and the way I feel when I've spent time in the water or out in nature.

I knew there must have been others who feel the same that I could help, and so Time & Tide Business Solutions was born, a thriving small business I have built around the elements and the individuals who share my passion for them.

With over 20 years of experience in Customer Service and Office Management, alongside my work with charity Seaful, you know you are in great hands.

What just some of my clients say's about me


Lorna has been working with me for a year, and it’s been the most enjoyable year of running my business so far.

Having her assistance, which is always swift, professional and insightful, has allowed me to take on projects I otherwise wouldn’t have had the expertise or time to do alone.

Lorna is an absolute joy to work with, and all of my clients who she’s interacted with have really enjoyed working with her too.

Having Lorna on my team has opened up new learning and opportunities, removed the overwhelm I was feeling and allowed me to focus on my own creativity, knowing the running of my business is in good hands.

It’s so wonderful to be able to work with somebody who shares my values and brings skills to the table that I just don’t have - I honestly don’t know how I ever functioned without her!

Polly - My god, I already don’t know what we would do without you!! Thank you!

Joey - You are the life and soul, and backbone of us being able to progress the business in any way shape or form. You are a legend.

Honestly, Joey and I always say we're not entirely sure what we would do without you. You are bloody brilliant, and you add value, and just awesomeness, at every turn, in every breath you are a one superhero Wonder Woman.

Based in the United Kingdom. Available Worldwide

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